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Welcome to K.T.J. Arts

Lighting Dark Corners with Art

About Me

Lighting Dark Corners With Art

I first came into contact with the boundless creativity of art and having the ability to create worlds of imagination at a young age. I've always loved fantasy and adventure novels and books. This inspired me to create large murals on walls, and, more recently, creating my own safe havens through art and story creation. Art enables me to communicate with myself, and explore my subconscious mind through my emotions.

I enjoy working with authors and providing illustrations for them, designing posters and concert programmes for festivals, and, at the time of designing this website, have been invited to create a new logo for the global charity Hope PYX. 

Originally, this logo was requested as the cover for the new track 'Butterfly', by Scott Nicol.

Scott's Socials:


Main Site:

Additionally, I have another project pending with the lovely Karen Hedges and her children's book series, 'The Reluctant Dragons'!

Main Site:

As well as being the illustrator for 'Ghastly School Stories' by Lynda Thornhill, and published by La Gr@ot@!

Long story short: I cover A LOT of bases if you need artwork of any sort (as long as it's on paper or digital!)




Looking For A Different Style?

Searching for a new piece for a commission for any specific occasion? Contact by filling in the form with any details you would like to include! Or, if that's not up your street, feel free to send me a private message using the Chat, either here or on Instagram, or send me an email directly! If you have any questions on prices, please ask away, and I'll happily provide you with a full list.

Instagram: @kaytjohanna

Thanks for getting in touch!


Something for Everyone


Freestyle Artwork

Handmade For You

Customised art just for you! Just get in touch with yours truly!

Handcrafted and drawn to your request and every need. I also draw custom illustrations, landscapes and more!


Posters, Advertising and Logos

Individual Adverts

Looking for art or new logos? Or posters or flyers for concerts, performances and more? If you answered "YES!" to any of the suggestions, you are in luck! Feel free to contact as I am open for any of these types of commissions.

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